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Emergency Switchbox
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The "SAFER" Systems Emergency Switchbox is a ruggedized all-metal switchbox designed to extend the features of the Multi-Messager USB for critical alert applications in schools where selection and broadcasting of emergency messages are simple and quick.

The switchbox is designed to stay put on the desk with a steel counterweight to prevent movement if only one hand is available to trigger the box.

Setting alert is intuitive with the easy to use numerical indicator and selection buttons for fast message selection.

A military grade switch guard and switch help prevent false triggering and ensure reliable performance if activation is required.

A high intensity wide angle LED status indicator gives visual feedback to the user to verify selected message is broadcasting.

April 14, 2014 - Nel-Tech Labs has released the highly anticipated Live Mixer for the iLink LCD hardware. This new feature will allow dry-cuts and background music files to be mixed in real-time on the hardware!

March 7, 2014 - Nel-Tech Labs, Inc. & Air Esscentials, Inc. have teamed up to develop the new intelligent modular scenting solution called iScent. <more>

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Emergency Switchbox Product Features

Ruggedized all metal construction
Special counterweighted case design
Selectable message switch
Military spec switch guard
Military spec toggle switch
High intensity indicator LED
Pre-wired for use with Multi-Messager USB
Customized overlay option available
Custom cable lengths available
5-year parts and labor warranty
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